Monday, 14 December 2009

Trailer comparisons

Having looked at the three horror film trailers (The Exorcist, Poltergeist and Paranormal Activity) I have noted some ideas for my own horror trailer to bring back to my group when we come back from our Christmas holidays. These include Having a narrator and making the trailer dark. I have also learned how horror film trailers have changed over time.

The first trailer I looked at (which you can also view on this blog) is the Exorcist , arguably the greatest and scariest horror film of all time. The trailer is dark and sets the tone for the film itself and unlike most film trailers it doesn't give away the best/scariest parts of the film, however you do see a small glimpse of the young girl in the film who gets possessed at her most shocking state.The trailer also has a narrator who with his low tone and deep voice makes the trailer seem even scarier just like the film.

The second film trailer I looked at was Poltergeist, a film about a family who finally find their dream home, they eventually find that an evil spirit does not want them in the house and horrible things start to happen as this evil spirit haunts them out.

The final trailer I reviewed is Paranormal Activity, I found this was a very smart trailer since it's different compared to most other trailers. You see a group of people viewing the film Paranormal Activity rather than bits of the film. Unfortunately this film does give away probably most of the scary moments in the ,however it still is a good film (baring in mind its just as funny as it is scary apart from the final scene which was very scary in my mind.)
This trailer shows people's reactions to the film and as you will see they are very scared and it is very tempting to see "what the big deal is all about" and go and see the film. This is a good idea to get people to come and see the film. Another thing that may suggest that you should see this film is the comments you see during the trailer which include "one of the scariest films of all time" which having already decided that the Exorcist is the scariest of all time (just ask the people who ran out of the cinemas scared and started fainting). This may persuade you to come and see the film to try and decide for yourself which is a very clever way of selling it. Having seen this film myself its also an unorthodox film as well as the trailer, as it is filmed like a documentary not a film with no credits before or even after the film.

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