Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Research (Exorcist trailer)

In order to research I have decided to view several movie trailer's for ideas for what i might like to put in my own movie trailer. The first of which is the Exorcist,this became one of the most profitable horror films of all time.

Narrative - The Exorcist is about a young girl from America who lives in a nice house with her mother and has a happy life until she is possessed by a demon (later known as the Pazuzu). She starts to change first in attitude but then dramatic changes in her force her mother to try everything to find out whats wrong with her. She has a grotesque physical change as the demon forces her to self harm. Eventually this non-religious women turns to priests to perform an exorcism which is eventually successful.

Casting - This film stars Linda Blair as Regan Macneil, Ellen Burstyn as Chris Macneil and Jason Miller as father Damien Karras.

Target Audience - Adults over the age of eighteen.

Music/soundtrack - The Exorcist uses modern classical compositions along with music written specifically for the film and Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield.

How the audience was addressed - To be honest I think the film makers overdid the scare factor in this film when you talk about the audience's needs. If you can handle this sort of thing then you should be fine,(baring in mind at this time in 1973 where anything was considered scary). When this film first came out people were running out of the cinema and fainting, in some cinemas they even provided sick bags. Now surely that must show how good and horrifying this film really is. Another thing that the Exorcist should be credited with is that it was one of the first films that used special effects, which however scary or shocking the film may be it deserves the credit for it's creative boundaries.
One thing that will always be shocking at what ever era you live in is the strong religious language throughout the film ,expressed by the demon who possesses Regan.