Friday, 19 February 2010

Target Audience

The target audience for our production is going to be adults over the age of eighteen (although if teenagers of a younger age made an effort to sneak in then that can only be good for our popularity). The reason for the age limit is because of the violent,frightening and disturbing content of the film. This film will appeal to anyone who is into horror films and most probably males as this isn't really a film you would wish to take your parents to see.
This is a supernatural type horror film and although I am not a great lover of what most horror films tend to be about nowadays,(a group of teens go into a abandoned place that gets haunted as they die one by one). This is probably just like that, but still worth watching I'm sure.
This will appeal to the target audience as it may be seen as a unique style of film as it is meant to be filmed on a hand held camera which our main characters find and use. I think on the whole it will appeal to the fans of the supernatural horror film.

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